All participants are required to follow the Hack Code of Conduct.

All code and IP presented at the hackathon will be owned by its creators.

Teams are 1-4 people.

All code and other creative works presented to the judges must be created at the hackathon unless it is publicly available under a Creative Commons or other comparable open source license. This means that you can brainstorm app ideas and sketch wireframes ahead of time but all the actual code for your project must be written at the event.

Judges want to see what you've built. If you use presentation slides, there is a maximum of 3 slides in the following format: #1 cover with project name, and team member names; #2 problem space/creative space; #3 solution .  If team uses slides, upload slides to devpost.

To present to the judges and be eligible for a prize, all teams must:

  • Submit their project to this Devpost page by 1:00pm CST on June 13th
  • Schedule and attend a 10 minute rehearsal session on Monday morning
  • Be present in person for the presentation session.